How You Sold Out To Disney And Didn’t Even Know It

Ladies and Gentleman in case you forgot
I am The Mongoose

Today I am going explain how you all sold out to Disney and didn’t even know it.

They own your TV time and that isn’t really your fault. They own everything.
The Muppets, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the Marvel heroes, and any Pixar related franchise.
The mouse own’s (or at least has his odd little fingers in) ABC, ESPN, SOAPnet, Freeform, A&E, Crime & Investigation Network, Fyi, History network, CTV in Canada, and RTL in Germany,
And Analyst, I find the fact that you think you co created The Spaceman to be quite cute. Because I was there every step of the way!

I’m still watching Analyst, I3T, Drew-El (or whatever he is calling himself this week), The doors are still important.

Wasn’t part of our mission to be counter culture? to look out for the little guy?
Before you wet your pants at the prospect of the next big Marvel film remember that they ARE the empire now!

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