RedReview: Too Many Superheroes

The only comics I have ever touched were issues of the Beano and I think once the Dandy by accident. Neither of which contained a superhero. All of my knowledge of superheroes comes from film and television (supplemented with Wikipedia research), and boy aren’t we getting a lot of them at the moment.

Not to say I’m watching all of them. I watch the TV series Gotham and I think I’ve seen most if not all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now San Diego Comic Con has dumped a fresh batch of trailers for upcoming comic book films and TV series. Going through them I started to get a little tired, because they all seem to be variations on a theme; Superhero/heroine vs bad guy. Dr Strange seems to be a particular low point for the MCU but then again I’m not particularly interested in Dr Strange. DC keeps plugging away with a bewildering number of movies shot in low light levels.

Having said that I’m looking forward to seeing what the plot for Suicide Squad actually is besides Harley Quinn in hot pants. I’m just wondering like the video games market in 1984, at what point is the superhero genre going to be over saturated and crash? While I know a little about superheroes, through reading bits and pieces off the internet, I can’t say that I’m particularly obsessive about the genre.

I have no desire to see a Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel film. The MCU has been fun but I hope that there isn’t another phase after the current one. It’s nice to see that the film industry now has the technology to bring the comic books to life, but does that mean they should? especially when they can’t seem to cast people of the right ethnicities into roles, i.e. Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One.