34.3 Rounder’s, Kirby, Racing and Sport in general

I never got sports.  I don’t know if it’s because I wasn’t competitive enough or just that I was really, really bad at them. The only two I have maintained into adulthood are Cycling and Swimming.  But these were  the ‘kind of’ sports.

Racing wasn’t so bad. It happened up the road quite a lot. Unknown to me this would be preparation for my one long distance run at secondary school.  I ran all the way round the track on the outside. The teacher announcing the race gave out names for 1st, 2nd worked his way down the list then said hello Analyst. Well not Analyst but you get the idea. Overall though racing wasn’t too bad and people didn’t mind racing me.. Because they knew there was a good chance they would win.

Rounders, again not my strong point. I didn’t hit the ball that often but when I did I ran like hell.. The game was rigged though. Our dog was a very good fielder. Then there was kirby.

I don’t know if kirby is still played. I would like to think that the game was named after the cute little Nintendo character. It’s probably not and I think it should be spelt Kerby. You start at opposite ends of a (not busy) road and you throw a football at the other guys kerb. Every time you hit you moved closer. First one to the other guys kerb first won.

Describing that sounds sad. I feel like I’m one of those old guys explaining what they did “when I was a lad.”  But it really was a thing. Honest. But if I ever use the term “they don’t know they’re born” This Reaction thing has gone to far.

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