About Us!

Hello there and welcome to liveukwrestling.com!

We’re a small team who believe that here in the UK we have some of the best wrestling talent on the planet and that the best place to experience this is in one of the many live shows that take place up and down this fine country of ours on an almost daily basis.

Whether you live in England, Scotland or Wales there is bound to be a show near to you and chances are it’ll be sooner rather than later. After following the UK idenpendent scene for a number of years one frustrating aspect, as a fan, was that there was no real one stop easy website listing all upcoming shows regardless of location and promotion.

That’s why we decided to set up this site. We wanted a user friendly site listing as many live and upcoming UK Wrestling Events as possible!

We set up a site, bewarethespaceman.com, as a hobby of ours in January 2012. That site proved to be rather popular covering pop culture with everything from retro gaming to comics and just about everything in between. As two of us on that site are HUGE Wrestling fans we soon added our Wrestling Revolution section. Soon followed the Monday Memoirs and then syndicated daily news from WrestleWire.

Then we added a beta rough version of this very site you find yourself reading now. That proved quickly to be successful so one domain name purchase later and here we are!

liveukwrestling.com is now your top place for finding the details on all upcoming shows all over this wonderful country of ours!

If there is any shows you know we’ve missed, if you run a promotion and want some free advertising on the site, or if you perhaps don’t want your details on here, or if you just want to email your support you can contact us at admin@bewarethespaceman.com with the subject line “liveukwrestling” and we’ll get back to you asap!

We run this site for the love of “The Wrestling!” and we hope we make it just that bit easier for you to go out and find some live wrestling too.

We really do have the best live wrestling action on the planet don’t we?!

The bewarethespaceman.com & liveukwrestling.com site team!


Please note that liveukwrestling.com and bewarethespaceman.com are NOT affiliated with any of the companies and  promotions listed on this page. All live events are subject to change at any time without any prior notice. We run this site as a service to help you go to see some awesome live wrestling action easier!