Batman Arkham Knight PS4 Review

I wanted to wait until I got 100% completion before passing judgement. But I’ve a lot of Riddler Trophies to go.


The main story (which takes over just over 1/2 the play time) is (mostly) a joy to play. An early twist I didn’t see coming really helped make that. I can’t spoil it for you but when it happens.. You will know.


The main Villain is the scarecrow. His parts of the Arkham Asylum game were strong and I loved the Scarecrows “Psychological” War on the Bat team through the main story. It plays well against the Arkham Knight’s more physical challenges. There are many ways this game is the best Batman experience possible.. And one area where it falls a little flat..


Bringing the Bat mobile was a welcome addition. For the most part it works well. But in the early part of the game it feels a tad forced. There is also one boss fight towards the end of the game that will push your patience with the games “Battle Mode” to the absolute limit.


There is also a shoot em up style mini game that is played a few too many times. That said it was fun, just a little repetitive.

The side missions too can sometimes lead to you scratching your head. I managed them with a little help from google. Having got the game on release, I’m still playing so there are no longevity issues here.

Hoping for more story with DLC as it’s released but I’m buying that on an “as needed” basis.

Review Score 9/10