Brexit Brollocks – A Call For Unity

Well the vote was less than a week ago and by the Gods we’ve gotten some Anarchy in the UK.

To recap Cameron is standing down as PM, most of the front line Labour party have quit but Jeremy Corbyn is somehow hanging on, Nicola Sturgeon is standing strong with Scotland, Nigel Farage is still about as smug as it’s humanly possible to be, Boris Johnson is being bizarrely subdued, and someone claimed to have sighted a Liberal Democrat roaming free in the wild. That last one might not actually be true…

It’s all gone to hell pretty much. The last few days have seen a massive rise in hate crimes against people from Europe and we’ve had a lot of hatred thrown around from both sides of the vote. The Remain Campaign are being, as a whole, incredibly bitter losers, and the Leave lot are running around like headless chickens. It’s almost as if they expected to lose and now they don’t know what to do.

All of this is serving to divide the country at a time when unity is needed. We need to be strong and seek a solution to Brexit. We voted out now we have to, as a country united, work out what that means and then move forward. It’s undoubtedly a mess but we have to make the best we can from this situation. The pound is having a rocky time of it on the currency markets. The stock markets are very much all over the place. These are scary times.

What we need now, not in September when the new PM is going to be chosen, is a strong leader to unite the country. Who that will be, however, is anyone’s guess. A few days ago I’d have said Boris Johnson was a dead cert. However Cameron has rather shafted him on that front. The expectation was that Cameron would be the one to trigger Article 50 the piece of legislation that will officially confirm our leaving the EU. By standing down and not doing that he’s left it to whoever comes next and I don’t think anyone wants to be in charge when that’s triggered. Boris Johnson has been backed in to a corner he can’t easily get out of.

If you voted one way, and friends or family members voted the other, don’t hold it against them. Let that friendship shine through the political division. That’s what we need to remember.

Don’t believe the scaremongering, don’t give in to the hate, focus on the positives and let’s try to remember we’re GREAT Britain for a reason!