Brexit Brollocks – i3t Chooses A Side

I’ve tried, admittedly with limited success, to keep these Brexit Brollocks articles impartial in the hope of presenting the facts and figures we know so we can all make as informed a decision as possible.

It is time, however, for me to get off the fence. I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise to find out that I believe we should remain in the European Union. I firmly believe that this is the right decision going forward. Once you factor in the money we get back from our E membership tariff it costs around £180 per person per year. For that we get cheap flights within the EU, we get easy holidays, we can import things from any other EU country without paying tax and duty, which keeps both our holiday and even our day to day shipping costs down, and thanks to the EHIC scheme we can get free medical treatment in any EU country

Now I freely accept that immigration is an issue that needs addressing but I believe it’s non EU immigration which is the issue. EU migrants immediately pay tax and National Insurance and as we’ve discussed previously they contribute more financially than they take out of our economy. Controversial but it is a view supported by the facts we have.

The EU isn’t perfect but it is important. Never before in human history have an ever growing group of countries banded together for the greater good. In a climate of hate and fear it shines like a beacon of hope.

Surely we’re better off as a major part of something greater than ourselves rather than isolating ourselves? The days of the Empire are over. We need to move on and embrace what we have rather than try to keep hold of the past.

If that hasn’t convinced you I’ve one more tact to try. If we stay in the EU things will broadly speaking continue as they are. If we vote out then the stark truth is we have no idea what will happen. We might end up better off. We might end up in a far worse position. If you’re undecided now, just days from the vote, then really you have to vote it. That gamble is too great to take.

All I ask this Thursday is that you vote with conscience and follow your heart. We’ll be feeling the consequences of Thursday’s decision for the next 30 years.