Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse Episode One Review

Playing this game felt like meeting up with an old friend. 

“That hasn’t advanced much,” Was my Dad’s view. He took into account the layout and graphics of the game while comparing it to the game my brother was playing  GTA on the PS3. The fact is comparisons like that are not applicable. Those who funded the game (yeah that was me) or equally important bought the game no doubt know what they are getting. For Broken Sword fans its what you would imagine and a load more. 

What you get playing Broken Sword is beautiful hand drawn characters and backgrounds. Great voice acting and a great story. Adventure games need a great story more than most because unlike the latest console button basher they can’t rely on flash graphics. 


You don’t need a super powered computer to play. In fact they now support Linux which is an awesome development. With Broken Sword the game involves getting yourself a hot drink and relaxing in front of the PC. Enjoy the story and the duologue because no one quite does adventure games like Revolution. 


Now your probably reading this review and thinking he’s just a fan boy. You are right. And yes there are a few faults. It’s easy to accidentally go over your auto-save by starting the game again (believe me I know). Even for a Broken Sword game the pace is relaxed. I have no doubt this is intentional and that things will start to pick up speed in part 2. But these are minor niggles. Revolution Software have a potential gem here (fingers crossed part 2 continues the quality)


My advice. If you are an adventure gamer take a look on your game playing device be it Windows, Linux, IOS or Android. I think you will like what you get.