Captain America – Civil War Spoiler Free Movie Review

March saw us queueing up in droves to see the battle of the millennia realised in glorious IMAX on cinema screens around the world. Batman v Superman. The two biggest names in DC Comics roster toe to toe sharing screen time in a film with a mammoth two and a half hour run time. The resultant film was, to put in bluntly, a mess. It fell over long to the point of being dull, the fight between the two titular heroes felt forced, and it did a bad rush job of introducing to a wealth of new never seen before characters.

Was the problem with the film itself? Or was something greater at work here? Are the public tiring of the superhero movie? It was with this in mind that I saw Captain America – Civil War. On the face of it the parallels between this and Bats v Supes are plentiful. Both feature two established heroes fighting and both introduce many, many, new characters (or new versions of characters) to the silver screen. Both also clock in at the 2 and a half hour mark.

The similarities however end there. One film is an expert political thriller, with a sophisticated plot, whilst the other was made by Warner Brothers. What Marvel Studios have done with this film is to give us a fight between heroes where it matters. IT MATTERS. Avoiding spoilers something happens that sees the UN wanting to keep an active eye on superheroics by bringing them under their control. No more Avengers missions, anywhere, without full UN authorisation. There is a very human reason behind this fight that’s all to believable.

On the face of it making Iron Man the apparent bad guy in a MCU film seems an insane idea. He’s the character the MCU was built on and is very much the back bone without which the whole lot would just fall apart. I’ll admit to being apprehensive but I needn’t to have worried. This films shows us a different side to Tony Stark, whilst keeping with his character from previous films, he’s a man whose grown and his experience of saving the world have changed him. There aren’t going to be many people who see this film and can’t at least sympathise with him. I’ll go on the record now and I say I agree with his stance at least in principle.

There are set pieces here that are truly amazing. As glimpsed in the trailer the airport showdown was something special to behold. The one thing that you can say about this movie is that the visual spectacle never once over shadows the plot or the characters. Perhaps that’s the secret to the Marvel way?

And as for the much talked about/hyped introduction of the wall crawler? Well his homecoming to Marvel control, see what I did there, is definitely well worth the wait. Tom Holland IS Spider-Man. He’s unlike any version we’ve seen yet on screen as this version is the neurotic motormouth teenager first seen in Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s first run on the comic. Every moment he spends on screen will have you smiling with joy.

Black Panther, the other big name hero with an upcoming movie introduced here, also does well. He’s going to be a character pivotal to the future of the MCU mark my words.

In conclusion then? Marvel’s gone and done it again. Is there anything they can do wrong? Well if this movie is setting the tone for the next phase of Marvel (Phase 4 to be precise) all I can say is MAKE MINE MARVEL!



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  1. Need to see this! Agreed on the Bats vs Superman film. I found that film visually stunning. It was the story that let that one down.