GeekOut – Avengers – The Comic Origins

With Marvel Studio’s frankly brilliant Avengers breaking just about every box office record ever with the ferocity of a rampaging Hulk I thought it might be time to give those not that familiar with The Avengers a little… Read More


GeekOut – Batman – Sociopath?

Batman. The Dark Knght. Often a character who stands firm between order and chaos. His aim is to protect Gotham and often the entire world so no child must go through what he went through. That no child… Read More

The Future of Our Childhood – as directed by Michael Bay

Word has hit the grapevine regards to new films that Michael Bay is slated to be directing in 2014. We can anticipate a similar reaction to his famous reworking of the 1980s classic Transformers. Bay has agreed that… Read More

Google announce latest device to feature Google Maps – The NES

Google shocked the world today by announcing a special version of Google Maps is set to be released for the NES. Watch the full video below!

Gremlins – The fairytale results of an amoral society

  “Keep him out of the light, he hates bright light, especially sunlight, it’ll kill him. Second, don’t give him any water, not even to drink. But the most important rule, the rule you can never forget, no… Read More

Freddy Krueger – A predator exploiting teenage anxieties becomes a generation’s Anti-hero

  (This article looks at Freddy Krueger as played by Robert Englund)   “He’s dead now. He’s dead because Mommy killed him. I even took his knives”   Perhaps one of the worst villains we have looked into…. Read More

The Scarecrow: Mad Doctor meets Freddy Krueger. Abuse of Authority, Personal fears, and narcotics.

The Scarecrow: Mad Doctor meets Freddy Krueger. Abuse of Authority, Personal fears, and narcotics Thanks in part to the popularity of the Batman Arkham Asylum video game and the Nolan Batman films the Scarecrow is becoming a popular… Read More

'Doctor Who', 'Star Trek' comics crossover

Doctor Who Star Trek Comics Crossover Confirmed!

Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s comic series are to feature in a crossover. IDW Publishing is planning an event in which The Doctor, Rory and Amy encounter Captain Picard and his crew, Bleeding Cool reports…. Read More

Now was that Suitable

  Should it have been higher   The Dark Knight 2008– Suddenly, violently the Joker grabs the guy’s head and pushes the pencil through his eyeball. The age rating according to the BBFC is a 12.   Harry Potter… Read More

The Riddler: Over reliance on technology and a need to be smart.

  What would happen if Moffat’s Sherlock turned bad. That’s the best way to introduce this villain. He has Sherlock’s need to be smarterbut combines it with being both malicious and egotistical. Just a bit dangerous then?? Hell… Read More