Into The Woods (2014) Review

I have been planning to revamp our review section for some time. But no film made me feel strongly enough about it one way or another to take to the Spaceman. This one did and not really in… Read More

Comics Reviews: Terminal Hero 01 and Chastity 02

TerminalHero 01 Dynamite Comics Written by Peter Milligan Illustrated by Piotr Kowalski Cover by Jae Lee   Peter Milligan has long been a favourite writer of mine and I really did love his run on Hellraiser. One of… Read More

Guardians of the Galaxy (Far Far Away)

Star Wars was a massive part of my childhood being born in the 1980s. The Original Trilogy was the definitive big screen sci-fi space opera. It had it all, spaceships, explosions, fun characters, and odd looking monsters. My… Read More

Review the Ubuntu 14.04 (Nvidia Black Login Screen Solved)

I love Linux and Ubuntu particular.  So this review should be me singing the praises of the great operating system and advising you all to go 14.04 the moment you get chance. Sadly I can’t do that whole… Read More

Where is Beware The Batman?

Beware The Batman is a bit of a Marmite program.  It follows Batman and sidekick Katana against lesser known Bat villains. Yes it has gotten a lot wrong. But also in my estimation a lot right and it… Read More

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse Episode One Review

Playing this game felt like meeting up with an old friend.  “That hasn’t advanced much,” Was my Dad’s view. He took into account the layout and graphics of the game while comparing it to the game my brother… Read More

WRAITH Issue 3 Review – Parts 1 and 2 Come Together

  Written by Joe Hill    Art By Charles P. Wilson III       After the more confusing back story in issue 2 issue 3 combines the stories using Charlie Manx from the first story. Here Charlie… Read More

East Midlands Comic Con – Nottingham Sci Fi Nerds prove why they are The Best In The World

  An event..  Why oh Why are the Spaceman reviewing an event?  Well mainly all of the current  Spaceman team were there actually  in person. But with so many great names at the event how were we ever… Read More

WRAITH Issue 2 Review – I don’t get it? But I don’t think I’m supposed to

Written by Joe Hill  Art By Charles P. Wilson III     As per last week this issue is dated December 2013 – So Comixology and the IDW Store are your friends.  I don’t know if it’s fair… Read More

WRAITH Welcome to Christmas Land Review – Its Bleak!

Yes, it is not I3T. For a little while I shall be looking at the Comics through my, somewhat inexperienced eyes.    Our first review is IDW Horror series WRAITH Welcome to Christmas Land Apparently a sequel to novel NOS4A2… Read More