i3t – Election Day 2019

I was going to look at each Parties Manifesto. But seeing as we live in a world where truth and facts don’t actually appear to mean anything anymore? Im not sure I see the point. A good soundbite,… Read More

i3t – The Reluctant Return

A lots gone on since I wrote as i3t. The world has changed. When I began using the name i3t it stood for Is This The Truth? I was 21, recovering from cancer, and getting fed up with… Read More

i3t – Election 2017 Aftermath

Well that was something wasn’t it? The results are in from yesterday’s General Election and it’s safe to say Mrs May had a bad day when things did not go quite her way. Her intention with calling the… Read More

The Analyst: Why I’m Voting Labour

Firstly a disclaimer. This article is 100% opinion. There is no right or wrong way to vote on June 8th That said I would like to share with you why this time I will be voting, like I3T,… Read More

i3t – An Open Letter to the American Media

Dear American Media We have had three terrorist attacks in the last three months that have resulted in the deaths of over 30 innocent people and have left hundreds injured and countless thousands affected. It’s been a tough… Read More

i3t – Stepping Off The Fence (Election 2017)

We need to talk about this election. I wanted my election coverage to be as impartial as possible. I wanted to present the facts, as much as we can know them, and then leave it up to you… Read More

i3t – Headline Analysis 02 – Wednesday 24th May 2017

Understandably today’s newspapers are all featuring coverage of the terrorist attack at Manchester Arena on Monday night. From there we’ve outrage, anger, and more than a dollop of sensationalism going on across the various papers so we’ll briefly… Read More

i3t – Thoughts on the Manchester Attack

Last night thousands of people, a great number of them children, went to attend a concert by their favourite singer- Ariana Grande. What should have been a joyous and fun night out was marred when at the end… Read More

i3t – Manifesto Under the Microscope – The Labour Party

I believe that elections should be fought on the issues and not on personal attacks. As such I believe that elections should be won or lost based on the parties Manifestos. A Manifesto is a document where political… Read More

i3t – Headline Analysis 01 – Monday 22nd May 2017

With the General Election a little over two weeks away, and with my Manifesto analysis only days away, I thought I’d try something a little different. I’m going to be casting my critical eye over the Newspapers and… Read More