i3t Classics – Those Damn Trains

Hello. And welcome to the first full edition of i3t Classics! Today’s blast form the past is “Those Damn Trains…” originally written in November 2005. I thought this would be a good place to begin given that the… Read More

i3t Classics – An Introduction

Hello! And welcome to isthisthetruth?Classics. This section is going to be a sadly all too short series of repostings from the original isthisthetruth site. In an ideal world I’d be hoping too repost the entire original site content… Read More

isthistheSolution – Trains

Welcome to the first of a series of occasional blog posts I’m tentatively calling isthistheSolution. The intention of these blogs is to throw my views into the ring of various issues, be they local, national or international. And… Read More

i3t Classics – The Death of isthisthetruth v1

Seeing as bewarethespaceman.com has launched as both the spiritual successor and new home of isthisthetruth I thought it might be interesting to post a few “classic” articles from isthisthetruth’s heyday. First up is an article dating from October… Read More

Political Idiocy

The prime minister, a certain Mr David Cameron, is an idiot. And should resign. With immediate effect. Why you ask? I could offer you any numbers of reasons. But I saw this story today (click for the BBC… Read More

Weekend Round Up – American None Lethal Defence

A paper recently released by, or should that be leaked to, the lovely people at publicintelligence.net called¬† the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD)¬†Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW) Reference Book (click to read). What this nice little book is is a… Read More

Church of Kopimism

Seeing as last weeks Weekend Round Up topic was Religion (read it here if you missed it) I saw this story and I could not resist sharing it with you all. In Sweden file sharing is now a… Read More

Look what I found in my letterbox!

Weekend Round Up – Religion

Welcome to the first of what I’m going to call the World at the Weekend. And I’m going to start off with a safe topic that will court no controversy and is unlikely to upset anyone. So with… Read More

isthisthetruth? – A History

Way back in the autumn of 2003 I set up a site I called isthisthetruth. My original idea was that the internet (or the information superhighway as we called it back then) could function both as a way… Read More