Mongoose Guests on I3T

No, it’s not i3t, this is a guest column from Me aka the Mongoose weighing in on the latest I3T series of articles. I know that this will be unpopular to many but it perhaps demonstrates just how… Read More

i3t – Back?

So a lot has happened since I last wrote an article in the i3t section. Perhaps most notably Donald Trump somehow is The President of America. Now that poses a huge problem for me. I write politically and… Read More

i3t on Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. The Augmented Reality Game, released last month for Android and iOS, sees players walk around the real world looking to catch, train, and battle little monsters. As a fan of… Read More

i3t – The World Has Gone Mad

This week I have been preparing an article on the Chilcot Report which looked in to the legality and the reasons of the 2003 Iraq war. Unlike pretty much every other blog and news site out there I’ve… Read More

i3t – Brexidus

It’s been nearly two weeks since our country voted to leave the EU and a lot has happened. You’d have to have been living deep in a cave for the past fortnight to not be aware of what’s… Read More

i3t – We Need To Talk About Jeremy

It’s been a week and a half since we voted to leave the EU and it’s safe to say that a hell of  a lot has happened in that time. David Cameron is quitting as PM, Boris Johnson… Read More

Brexit Brollocks – A Call For Unity

Well the vote was less than a week ago and by the Gods we’ve gotten some Anarchy in the UK. To recap Cameron is standing down as PM, most of the front line Labour party have quit but… Read More

Brexit Brollocks – A Country Divided

It’s a little over 24 hours since the result was in and we knew, as a nation, that we’d voted to leave the EU. The dust has settled, at least a little, and the currency exchange rates and… Read More

Brexit Brollocks – The Morning After

So it’s official. We have voted to leave the EU 52% to the 48% who voted to remain. The news is a scant few hours old as I type and already the impact is being felt across the… Read More

Brexit Brollocks – The Final Countdown

It’s less than 24 hours to the big vote. Do we decide whether to remain in the EU or do we decide to leave? My thoughts are now firmly on the record. However one reason I started this… Read More