Brexit Brollocks – The Morning After

So it’s official. We have voted to leave the EU 52% to the 48% who voted to remain. The news is a scant few hours old as I type and already the impact is being felt across the… Read More

Brexit Brollocks – The Final Countdown

It’s less than 24 hours to the big vote. Do we decide whether to remain in the EU or do we decide to leave? My thoughts are now firmly on the record. However one reason I started this… Read More

i3t – RIP MP Jo Cox

Yesterday (Thursday 16th June 2016) MP Jo Cox was brutally murdered in her constituency in an act of Terrorism. She was 41 years old, a mother of two, and by all accounts she was that rare beast. She… Read More

Brexit Brollocks – Who Supports What Side?

So with the big vote just eight days away its time to have a look at who’s supporting each side. Sadly we don’t know what way Timmy Mallet wants to vote but Jeremy Clarkson and Keith Chewing have… Read More

i3t – Reactions to the Orlando Terrorist Attack

Last weekend saw a gunman walk in to a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and brutally slay 49 people. After a hostage standoff the gunman was fatally shot by police amid reports of a link to the Islamic… Read More

Brexit Brollocks – The Campaign So Far

So we’ve looked at immigration numbers, we’ve looked at the economics, neither of which offered us a clear answer as to whether we should vote in or out of the EU. Both sides, however, have been on a… Read More

Brexit Brollocks – Immigration by Numbers

So we’ve looked at the slippery truth behind whether we’d be better or worse off financially if we vote to leave the EU but perhaps the bigger issue, if you believe the newspapers that is, is immigration. How… Read More

i3t – Local Elections Ahoy!

It’s time to take a little break from all this Brexit Brollocks to talk about the local elections as large parts of this fine country of ours are taking to the polls this Thursday. Now, before I go… Read More

Brexit Brollocks – Show Me The Money

On the 23rd June we here in the UK get our first say on whether we should stay in the EU or whether we should leave. Both sides have a few compelling arguments about whether the British Exit… Read More

Welcome to “Brexit Brollocks”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you’re bound to have heard that on 23rd June we’re having a referendum on whether we should stay within the EU or whether we should leave. After… Read More