Mongoose : Elephant In The Room

  I was at Sheffield Film and Comic Con. Silent, yes. Dormant, mostly.But I was there. I was listening. I heard a woman talk about why Cosplay.. She talked through most of the day and the occasional phrase… Read More

Mongoose : Tulpa

So much has changed Spaceman. So much that YOU came to me. YOU demanded I return. So here I am.   “You start something pure, something exciting then come the mistakes, the compromises. We create our own demons.”… Read More

Forced work system. Why I think it’s wrong

  Chris Grayling has announced that jobseekers between 18 and 24 will loose their benefits unless they take work experience for 30 hours a week.   Why do I think this is not right?   Step into my… Read More

Mongoose: The Public Transport Logs – Episode 2

The Journey This time it is Kirton in Lindsey to Nottingham for a Spaceman reunion so to speak. We put the band back together… More on that later. So the log. Firstly it was raining at 6.30am this… Read More

Mongoose: The Public Transport Logs – Episode 1

A personal plea – Help save our Bumblef&ck railway! So you live in Kirton and you want a day out. Got a dog? Got kids at school? Got other commitments? Us non drivers are limited to Scunthorpe or… Read More

Olympics Freeview Snub, Competitions regulator: “Sky too dominant”

Hello my Readers, It's been a quiet few weeks for this media Mongoose but lets see what's changing now shall we? This week I shall be commenting on the coverage of that big London sports day, the Olympics,… Read More

The O’Dwyer Clusterf*ck Spaceman on iTunes

  A little late this week welcome to the Media Round up.. But 2 pieces of news.. What are they Step into my office Biggest media news of the week is the Richard O’Dwyer case. For those of… Read More

When is Freeview not free?

Mongoose Media   When is Freeview not Free?   Step into my office   Freeview may no longer be free for more than 2 million people due to a new 4G mobile network interfering with the signal.  … Read More

IPTV Youview, NOWTV, Spaceman advises BT

      It seems the next war in television will be an IPTV one. A way of providing users (and significantly targeting current non pay TV customers) with catch up and PPV content.   Lets look at… Read More

Premier League Rights curse strikes?

  It’s time to look at the Premiership Rights again.The result is in. Step into my office   The news broke and the result in my estimation is largely what we predicted may happen.   The rights appear… Read More