TV That Shouldn’t Have Been – Heil Honey I’m Home!

This week on TV That Never it’s going to be more a case of TV That Shouldn’t Have Been as we look at Heil Honey I’m Home. It was a British sitcom of which only a single episode… Read More

TV That Never Was – Adventures of Super Pup

In the 1950s Superman was the king of TV with the long running show “Adventure of Superman” starring George Reeves as the title character. It ran for 104 across 6 seasons with the last 4 seasons being shot… Read More

TV That’ll Never Air – Star Wars Detours

Star Wars is a franchise with rabidly loyal fan base and, thanks to parodies on Family Guy and Robot Chicken, has proven that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. So surely a CGI comedy show set within that… Read More

TV That Never Was – Family Forensics UK

Reality TV dominates in our TV schedules. It’s cheap to produce and countless millions watch with a devotion akin to mania. Sometimes, however, it can get it wrong. Very very wrong. Family Forensics UK had a relatively simple… Read More

TV That Never Was – Wonder Woman (2011)

DC Comics have what they call the Trinity. The Big Three. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Even today it’s arguable that the best version of Superman was the 1978 Christopher Reeves starring movie, the best version of Batman… Read More

TV That Never Was

Last year we took a look at a whole load of films that, for whatever reason, never actually got made. Development hell, however, isn’t confined to film. There are a great many TV shows that also never made… Read More

Movies That Never Were – Beverly Hills Cop in London

We all loved Eddie Murphy is his breakout role as Axel Foley in Beverley Hills Cop. We lapped up the original in 1984 and we loved the sequel in 1987. Now if you remember there was a bit… Read More

Movies That Never Were – E.T.2: Nocturnal Fears

E.T. is, undoubtedly, one of the most beloved films of all time. We all know the story of the poor cute little alien, ET, who gets left behind on earth who then befriends Elliot before eventually phoning home…. Read More

Movies That Never Were – Christopher Reeves in Superman V

When both Supergirl and Superman III underperformed at the box office Alexander and Ilya Salkind lost interest in producing any more Superman movies (bare in mind that this was before Warner Brothers had consolidated the Superman movie rights… Read More

Movies That Never Were – Season 4 of Adam West’s Batman

This week we’re going to look at The Analyst’s favourite TV show of all time – BATMAN! Now known as Batman ’66, starring Adam West and Burt Ward as the dynamic duo, this was the show that sent… Read More