Movies That Never Were – Foodfight!

Much like last weeks look at Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four, this week’s movie is one that actually got made, and also released. But given the circumstances of the films production and eventual release you’ll see exactly why we’re… Read More

Movies That Never Were – Tim Burton’s Superman Lives

Of all the films we’ve covered in this series this one is the most famous, or rather infamous, of them all. It’s also the feature of a brilliant documentary so if reading this intrigues you I’ll link to… Read More

Movies That Never Were – Superman Reborn

In 1992 DC Comics managed what, until that point, was thought to be impossible. They’d gotten massive mainstream media attention to a comics event. The event in question? The Death of Superman. Whilst comics fans knew that his… Read More

Movies That Never Were – Ghostbusters III

With the release of the Ghostbusters Reboot upon us today we’re going to have a look at what might have been as plans were most certainly there for a Ghostbusters III featuring the original cast. The first script… Read More

Movies That Never Were – Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four

This week on Movies That Never Were we’re going to look at a Movie that actual was. That movie is 1994’s The Fantastic Four and whilst actually it was finished it has never been officially released. Sure, there… Read More

Movies That Never Were – Scheduling Update

Hey there fans of those poor Movies that, for whatever reason, never quite made it to production. After a great weekly start we’re going to be switching the schedule to fortnightly for the foreseeable future. We’ve plenty of… Read More

Movies That Never Were – Spider-Man Part 3

Welcome to the third, and final, part of the murky history of Spider-Man on film. Here is where we find out James Cameron’s involvement and where things get REALLY messy. We left our story at the 1989 Cannes… Read More

Movies That Never Were – Cannon Films Spider-Man Part 2

If you remember last week we left our story with Stan Lee demanding a rewrite to make the proposed 1980s Spider-Man film better reflect the character that the company, Cannon Films, had actually licensed. With Newsom and Brancato… Read More

Movies That Never Were – Cannon Films Spider-Man Part 1

Arugably Marvel’s most famous character, The Amazing Spider-Man, has had a particularly troubled time when it comes to film adaptations. Such a troubled time of it that this article has to be split in to 3 parts so… Read More

Movies That Never Were – Wolverine starring Bob Hoskins

Now whilst Warner Brothers and DC Comics have easily lead the way with movies that have never been made despite countless millions being spent on them let’s not let Marvel off of the hook just yet… In the… Read More