The PI Recipe- Easy Emulation Station

Over the next few columns we are going to look at the Raspberry Pi. A great little machine made to spike our interest in coding. Given a few  little recipe’s (or pre compiled SD Card’s) It can do some… Read More

Installing Lubuntu 14.04 on a Pentium M laptop Part 2

Welcome back to My Lubuntu install on a Pentium M Series laptop. Lubuntu 14.04 WiFi Not Showing  Next I have the LXDE Desktop environment up and running. Everything seems to be fine. Only I can’t connect to the… Read More

Installing Lubuntu 14.04 on a Pentium M laptop

Last month presented me with a new technical challenge. I was handed an old Windows XP laptop from a family member. The main issue being that it was running slow. After explaining Windows XP was no longer been… Read More

Getting to know Ubuntu – Youtube not working

Ubuntu and Linux in general has a bad reputation for being a complicated operating system. In a great many way’s that’s an unfair judgement. True I have used the console / command line, but for everyday usual tasks… Read More

Installing Windows After Ubuntu

Of cource you will never need this article.. Because you installed in the right order and put Windows in First then Ubuntu … Right??    Me too!!  This was quite a challenge to a newbie like me.  After… Read More

Ubuntu 14.04 Remove Amazon from Dash

Just a quick addition to our look into Ubuntu.  Last time we went through Ubuntu’s install process. This is a good last step once you have the OS installed.  By default Ubuntu’s dashboard will suggest items from Amazon. … Read More

Ubuntu What Works and What Doesn’t

So we have covered the install. Sooner or later you end up with a nice clean desktop Looks good doesn’t it. I know as a Windows user i Found it easy to locate things like system settings and… Read More

Using an alternative Install CD, and Post Installation

This is probably a good thing to have on standby. With the latest versions of Ubuntu it’s very unlikely that the straight forward install CD won’t work. But if that is the case try the alternative install PC…. Read More

My Not so Easy Install

This is where Linux starts I guess for anybody. It comes down to me, a CD (or USB drive) and a PC. Important I guess because first impressions are important. Right now I had a lot of questions…. Read More

Coming 2015 – My Open Source World

The year was 2011. There had been many times I had threatened my home PC with a Linux disk. Yet I remember the circumstances that led to its installation perfectly. New computer, and I could not find the… Read More