RedReview: Film and Comic Con Sheffield 2016

On Saturday 13th August 2016, the Analyst, I3T and I went to the Film and Comic Con at Sheffield Arena. In many respects it was very similar to other conventions we have been to with a mixture of… Read More

RedReview: Sizergh Castle

I’m half Cumbrian on my father’s side, so I have a particular fondness for Cumbria especially the Western Coast of Cumbria where my family come from and I spent many childhood holidays. I don’t think I appreciated how… Read More

RedReview: Beamish Open Air Museum

I had my birthday at the beginning of August; one of my presents was a holiday touring around Northern England/Southern Scotland. The first place we visited was Beamish Open Air Museum nr Chester Le Street in County Durham…. Read More

RedReview: Birthdays

So as everyone within my vicinity knows my birthday is coming up soon. It has become a bit of a running joke that I talk incessantly about my birthday for months before hand. In the case of big… Read More

RedReview: Crossing Your Own Timeline

People say you can never go back or never should go back to a place you once knew, because it won’t ever be the same. The Analyst and I refer to this phenomenon as crossing your own timeline…. Read More

RedReview: Too Many Superheroes

The only comics I have ever touched were issues of the Beano and I think once the Dandy by accident. Neither of which contained a superhero. All of my knowledge of superheroes comes from film and television (supplemented… Read More

RedReview: WWE Live in London speculation

So the Analyst and I saw a press release way back in March that seemed to suggest that on September 7 th 2016 the WWE would be making a UK PPV or network special in the O2 Arena,… Read More

RedReview Dressing Up

When I was a lad we didn’t call it Cosplay we called it dressing up. Although dressing up was by no means a regular occurrence and never once did I dress up for Halloween as a child. No… Read More