RetroReaction: Streets of Rage on Mega Drive

After that great power ranger beat em up. That wide eyed nephew was looking for more to play. What could I feed him that played the same, a simple formula of side scrolling button mashing. Turns out the… Read More

Retro Reaction: The Unloved Retro Modern Power Rangers Game

Welcome Back To Retro Reaction, A bit of a format change this time. Gone are the sets of blogs. This way allows me to write more about what comes to mind and at a pace that’s not set…. Read More

Retro Reaction 58.6 Power Rangers The Movie

With the recent reboot of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, we take a look back now to 1995. When the TV series was massive, and we got the first movie based on the TV series. TV movies can… Read More

Retro Reaction 58.5 Dalek 2005

The Dalek’s. Doctor Who’s most famous nemesis, are pretty much at every Convention. Sure enough both Emcon Nottingham and Yorkshire Cosplay Con in Sheffield featured the pepper pot shaped baddies rolling round ready to exterminate. Since Doctor who’s… Read More

58.4 A look at the The re Release consoles

Last year Nintendo released a console. Not a surprising sentence that. Nintendo release new hardware most years be that a member of the DS console family a version of the Wii U or more recently the Switch. But… Read More

Retro Reaction #58.3 Super Mario Bros 3 in Arcade?!, Pac Man on Atari

Welcome back to Reaction. Still looking at the gaming displays from Emcon and Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2017. Kicking things off we are going to take a look at my first console. The one I can only just remember,… Read More

Retro Reaction #58.2 The Simsons Arcade, TMNT Arcade

Welcome To Reaction. We’re back now looking at Yorkshire Cosplay Con and this years Emcon. In these initial two reactions I’m going to look at some Retro Gaming that was on offer. Now the Title brings up the… Read More

Retro Reaction #58.1 Emcon / Yorkshire Cosplay Con Set

Welcome To Reaction #58.1 and firstly sorry it’s a few hours late. Reaction has been early on a Friday every Friday now for a long time.. Due to other stuff (Holiday, and The Adam West article taking last… Read More

Retro Reaction #58.0 Adam West 1928 – 2017 The Red Phone Goes Unanswered

  Usually this is where I declare what’s coming in the next set of Reaction. But this is a special case. This is a stand alone. On June 11th I got a call from I3T. Adam West, or… Read More

Retro Reaction #57.6 Console Care

Remember how at the start of this set I went on a bit about some of those flaws our favourite consoles had? Well the correct thing to do would be to look after the collection you have. This… Read More