From the princess Castle #3 Wii Zumba 2

  We are back with the Wii for exercise game Wii Zumba 2. I like the Wii selection of keep fit titles and this is one of my favourites. Easier to follow than a Zumba DVD or book… Read More

Gaming From The Castle – The Lion King (Mega Drive)

    This week it’s time to go back to the Sega Mega Drive for one of my favourite games, the lion king. The lion King is my favourite Disney movie so being able to play it as… Read More

Gaming from the Castle – Wii Just Dance

  Today we look at my favorite console the Wii and a game that has sold by the bucket load. The reason it sold so well? It is a lot of fun. I am talking about the just… Read More

Introducing – Gaming from the Princess Castle

    Hello Spaceman readers!   I am writing from the princess tower near Beware the Spaceman headquarters and would like to introduce myself the newest guest writer of the BTSM team… and yes…. I am a Woman…. Read More