Retro Reaction #3.4 Drop Dead Fred and Teletext

Drop Dead Fred (1991). ReAcTiOn VeRdIcT On the surface a colourful amusing romp through the childhood saga of imaginary friends. But this one goes straight up to the category of “has more to offer on re watch.” Reaction… Read More

Retro Reaction #3.3 Superflop Games and Spider-Man 1977

Welcome to Retro Reaction A while ago i3t made a statement- That apart from Batman the Caped Crusader and the Arkham games our Caped Crusader friend has not had much luck in his video game outings. Today however… Read More

Retro Reaction #3.2 Nintendo Begins, Mario secrets and the boy with the football head

Here we are, Retro reaction has been going for a while now and yet we have not discussed in detail the console that started it all for the big N. The 8 bit wonder console that was the… Read More

Retro Reaction #3.1 The Crash of 83

        Invalid page function…. … Loading interrupted by unknown source Step into my office Have a nice dayyyyy!!!!!!!!   Loading Syntax error.. Connection Established   Welcome to Retro Reaction A very important blog number. Blog… Read More

Retro Reaction #3.0 A View of things to come

    It’s that time again. That day when we decide what ‘s coming up in Reaction over the next 6 weeks. That’s right there will be a set 3 for Reaction. A set that will include our… Read More

RetroReaction #2.6 Rating Retro Returns

  Retro Return News?   It is rumoured in reboot land Sabrina the teenage witch will get a new edgy reboot from the director of “Mean Girls” and without Mellissa Joan Hart. Reportedly the movie will be an… Read More

Retro Reaction #2.5 (Part 2) Knightmare

  Enter Stranger.   Knightmare was a TV show on CITV from 1987 to 1994.   The show was part text adventure, part virtual reality and part game show.   First the text adventure. The inspiration for Knightmare… Read More

Retro Reaction #2.5 (part 1) Obsolete OS War

      So your reading this on your home PC now right? Or at work? Or on your phone or whatever..   But your home PC it’s running windows right? Most PC’s do, heck there aren’t that… Read More


Great Old… Google?!

Welcome to Great Old Gaming Gems Google! Where as Monday is usually our Retro Gaming column today we’re going to look at something a little different. A couple of weeks back Google, for their annual April Fools story,… Read More

Retro Reaction #2.4 The Value of Re-release

  Mario No Stars   It’s December 3, 2010 and Nintendo are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their money making mascot Mario with a re release.   A re-release of Mario Allstars. A title that was released for… Read More