Retro Return

RETRO RETURN? Hello Reaction Readers A brief update note on our journey computing through time back in Retro Reaction #3  Here is both a plug and a correction. It would appear the Spectrum is not dead yet. In… Read More

Retro ReAction #3 Computer’s in Time…

(Please note that many beautiful machines have been missed out in this article in order to focus on the machines I actually have experience using – sorry Commodore 64 I saw you but £20 is a lot of… Read More

Retro Reaction #2 Nightmare and Dreams

The Death of a Dream Welcome to Retro ReactionIt’s the end of January in the Year 2001. Sega Have just announced the death of their  latest console after a relatively short lifespan. “We had a tremendous 18 months…… Read More

Mario Bros Logo

Retro ReAction #1

Welcome to Retro Reaction #1 The debate that raged throughout the late eighties and early nineties. Mario or Sonic? Sega or Nintendo? So I fired up my old NES. I put the cartridge in and get a flickering… Read More

Retro ReAction #0

I like VHS Video tapes!!! I like the way they take a while to track, sometimes jam in the machine, and the sound of them rewinding. The same goes for the Cassette tapes… In fact Windows 3.1 is… Read More