The Riddler: Over reliance on technology and a need to be smart.

  What would happen if Moffat’s Sherlock turned bad. That’s the best way to introduce this villain. He has Sherlock’s need to be smarterbut combines it with being both malicious and egotistical. Just a bit dangerous then?? Hell… Read More

Catwoman attacks Ozzy Osbourne

Catwoman has attacked and pepper-sprayed Ozzy Osbourne in Los Angeles. The attack happened on Thursday February 2nd on Hollywood Boulevard. Apparently Osbourne along with a man dressed in an Alien mask were continually disrupting Catwoman from taking photos… Read More

Star Trek flat faces sale

A Star Trek fan from Hinckley, Leicestershire, who turned his flat into the Starship Enterprise has said his work could be destroyed by the sale of the flat. Tony Alleyne, 58, has spent 10 years and more than… Read More

Star Wars: Uncut The Directors Cut

Star Wars fans take note! Episode IV – A New Hope has been remade! For those expecting George Lucas to have tinkered to far however? Rejoice! Star Wars Episode IV Uncut is a fanmade remake of a new… Read More

DC Comics announces new logo

DC Comics, publisher of this sites beloved Batman comics, have announced today (19/01/2012 UK Format people!) that they are launching a new logo to bring it closer in line with their DC Entertainment logo. The logo comes fresh… Read More


                                       Batman is the subject of a later Retro Reaction analysis. But today welook at his arch nemesis The Joker. We know a hero without the villain doesn’t work. Would we have cheered for Hulk… Read More

The Return of the Doctor

All of us here at BTS are huge Doctor Who fans. And I mean huge! So I thought one of us had better break the news that many peoples favourite Doctor, THAT Doctor, Tom Baker has returned to… Read More