Home Sweet Home Released Halloween 2015

  I am pleased to reveal that Home Sweet Home made it’s Halloween release deadline and is now available through Amazon’s Kindle store. It’s priced at £0.99. I will be sure to let you all know when it… Read More

Hiding From Seagulls Not Over!

It’s great to see Hiding From Seagulls doing okay on Smashwords. I can only assume it means that Some of you liked it (or at least didn’t hate it enough to post negative reviews) and that makes me… Read More

Home Sweet Home

  Coming Soon to Ebook

The Forbidden Window – FreeGulls Weekend! June 14th and 15th

Hiding From Seagulls Book 2 – The Forbidden Window  will be FREE for both Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of June. Anyone who read the earlier book Hiding from Seagulls  will know to expect an odd… Read More

The Forbidden Window Released on Amazon

I am happy to let you know that The Forbidden Window, the second book in the Hiding from Seagulls series is now available. A little Earlier than expected too! I was aiming for June and we got it… Read More

The Forbidden Window: An Update

It’s not been long since I passed The Forbidden Window to my long suffering test readers.    I don’t envy these guys. They have the job of very much making the bad news sound good! Or at least kindly tell me if I… Read More

The Forbidden Window – The nerve racking part!

Well, I sent the file for Hiding From Seagulls Sequel : The Forbidden Window to I3T.   Anyone who has written a story, published or not knows that the most nerve racking thing to do is to hand… Read More

Freegulls Week “Hiding From Seagulls” aknowledged on Amazon Chart

It is with great pleasure I write this. Freegulls week was a success.   Hiding from Seagulls the modern fairytale written by myself and edited by longtime Spaceman writer I3T downloaded it’s way in to the top ten… Read More

FreeGulls Week!

  As you perhaps heard on the extra Podcast for the launch of Hiding From Seagulls we are having a Freegulls week (Well four days actually). Next month from the 21st to the 24th November you can read… Read More

Kindle hiccups, Covers and Copyrights KDP

So it’s been a couple of weeks since the Seagulls spoke and Hiding from Seagulls has been released. I am happy that the book has been read by fifty people (not sold too however, more on that later.)… Read More