Gail Z Martin (Writer)

  Who We Spoke To: Gail Z Martin   Which Episode: Spacecast 40 (New Episode 4)   About Our Guest: Acclaimed author Gail Z Martin, perhaps most well known for the Chronicles of the Necromancer series, talks books,… Read More

Ian Sharp (Actor / Film Maker)

  Who We Spoke to: Ian Sharp from Achilles Entertainment   Which Episode: Spacecast 39 (New Episode 3)   About Our Guest: Ian Sharp was born local to North Lincolnshire. He foundered Achilles Entertainment in London and returned… Read More

Sylvia Shults (Writer)

  Who We Spoke To: Sylvia Shults Which Episode: Spacecast 38 (New Episode 2) About Our Guest: Sylvia Shults Speaks to I3T about her work at the Peoria State Hosptial, possibly the most haunted site in America. Sylvia… Read More

Michaelbrent Collins (Writer)

Spacecast Guest File: Michaelbrent Collins (Writer)     Who We Spoke To: Michaelbrent Collins   Which Episode: Episode 37 (All new 1) 30/08/13   About Our Guest:   The Author of novels including, The Colony: Genesis, The Loon,… Read More

Margaret (Lincoln Ghost Walk)

Spacecast Guest File: Margaret (Lincoln Ghost Walk)     Who We Spoke To: Margaret   Which Episode: Episode 34 25/06/13   About Our Guest:   Margaret has ran the Lincoln Ghost walk for a great number of years… Read More

Garry (Creative Director GNG Entertainment Group)

Spacecast Guest File: GNG Entertainent       Who we spoke to: Garry (Creative Director)   Which Episode: Spacecast Episode 35 air date 08/07/13     About our guest:   Garry spoke to us about GNG Entertainment. A… Read More