WWF April 1997 -Hart Vs Austin, Paul Bearer Fireball and the emergence of the Hart Foundation

  We begin to see Attitude era gimmicks emerge on RAW is WAR. Tiger Ali Singh made his debut and the Headbangers who had been around since January were featured prominently on RAW against Owen and the bulldog…. Read More

WCW June 1997 -DDP Vs Savage, N.W.O WCW Rivalry explodes with debut’s

  The month started continuing the rivalry between the four horseman and the N.W.O Ric Flair defeated Scott Hall by disqualification in a great match on 2nd June edition of Nitro. Jeff Jarrett was with the horseman but… Read More

WWF RAW June 1997-KOTR and Tag tournament, Bearer’s Secret

    The KOTR tournament kept the tradition of building new stars. This time HHH won the tournament after a very good final match with Mankind. This KOTR in a sense played a big part in starting both… Read More

WWF May 1997

Creatively now you would assume RAW would be a ratings winner this month. Yet it continued to lose to Nitro in the ratings war. May was a hectic month with the IYH event seeing Steve Austin against the… Read More

WCW Nitro May 1997

  Despite winning the ratings war in 1997 the WCW did not reach much new ground in May. It’s main event players Hogan, Savage, and Sting were wrestling part time schedules for one reason or another and as… Read More

WCW April 1997 -Tension in the N.W.O? WCW management changes, Sting, Dennis Rodman

  April was the month of 2 PPV events in the WCW. The first event was Spring Stampede headlined by DDP against Savage. N.W.O referee Nick Patrick counted the pin causing him to be attacked by Kevin Nash…. Read More

WWF Monday Night RAW – March 1997 The Hitman snaps – The “Bullshit” promo

  Wrestlemania month begins with a RAW that was very poorly received. At the time it was the lowest rating RAW had ever gotten. It was filmed in Berlin Germany and saw the British Bulldog becoming the first… Read More

WCW Monday Nitro -March 1997 WCW fans finally get some answers from Sting

  WCW was well ahead in the ratings now and they must have felt a little bit of confidence. Because through march many of their big names did not appear on weekly episodes of Monday Nitro. This was… Read More

WCW February 1997 Savage Joins the N.W.O, Tag titles controversy again, Piper V Hogan

  WCW featured of of the richest most diverse rosters ever assembled at that time. There were many great wrestling matches at the start of 1997. There was a rivalry between Mysterio and Regal. Names like Benoit, Guerrero… Read More

WWF February 1997 -Shawn Michaels Loses his Smile, Bret Champion for 24 hours, Wrestlemania plans change

  Over in Vince McMahon’s kingdom it was nearly Wrestlemania time and the WWF was shaken up by turbulence that was changing the direction of the years Wrestlemania.   On the first RAW of the month Michaels who… Read More