WCW Nitro – Dec 1996 Starrcade big PPV no title match, Hogan Piper happens, N.W.O Expands

  The WCW had been about one story all year and December it was still red hot, thanks largely to the debut of Rowdy Roddy Piper and the revelation last month that WCW boss Eric Bishoff was the… Read More

WWF RAW – Dec 1996 Sid Vs Hart, Fake Ramon and Diesel get tag belt shots,

  RAW in December seemed to wind down after the events of Survivor Series. The match set for IYH it’s time was Hart against Sid. However it’s fair to say that as a fan I was getting used… Read More

WCW – November 1996 – Sting in the Rafters, WW3, Will Piper face Hogan? Bishoff behind N.W.O

  The WCW began building towards a Hogan Vs Piper match however they were very sparing in their use of Piper. They explained that Eric Bishoff was trying to sign the match. Hogan cut a promo on Nitro… Read More

WWF RAW Nov 1996 – Austin Vs Hart, Pillman has a gun, The fans begin to turn.

  The first RAW of November was one that would go down in history as one of the most controversial episodes for that time. It was so controversial that it was almost got the program taken off the… Read More

WWF October 1996 First Ever Buried Alive, The Hitman is Back

    The WWF continued their cartoon style with the introduction of a new match type. The buried alive match. This type of match would prove a major hit with the audience and was revisited. Undertaker and Mankind… Read More

WCW October 1996 Hogan Savage at Havoc. More N.W.O, and a surprise Debut.

  The N.W.O now consisted of the founding members Hogan, Hall (formally Ramon) and Nash (formally Diesel), Syxx (formally 123 Kid), The Giant, Billionaire Ted (formally the million dolor man), Vincent (formally Virgil) and Elizabeth . Throughout October… Read More

WWF September RAW cranks up the cartoons, Takes shot at Nash and Hall

  So now the WCW beating them in the ratings the WWF go down a very cartoon route. I admitat the time as a younger viewer I liked this supernatural cartoon direction the WWF headed.Compared to what was… Read More

Nitro September 1996 Sting to the N.W.O? N.W.O Nitro, War Games

    By September 1996 the story-lines in WCW revolved around the hostile take over of the NWO.With the ex WWF stars Razor Ramon and Diesel now under their real names Hall and Nash and thebetrayal of Hulk… Read More

July 1996 WWF parts ways with the Warrior, New talent signed, Stone Cold,

  With events in the WCW being very popular the WWF was beginning to trail behind.July saw the build up to In Your House international incident. The event was supposedto have a huge six man tag team main… Read More

WCW Nitro July 1996 A New Word Organisation

Early July saw what WCW would call the lowest shot ever given to professionalwrestling. The match was set for the outsiders Scot Hall and Kevin Nash along with theirmystery third man to take on three of WCWs best…. Read More