WCW August 1996 – N.W.O Heavyweight Champion of the world

It’s hard for me as a bias WWF/E fan to admit this but WCW was a strong brand at this stage. Itwould be fair to state that the WCW was on fire as results to the now storyline…. Read More

WWF RAW August 1996 – Dark Days for the Undertaker, Michaels V Vader,

  I have mentioned before that I was behind the WWF perhaps more as a creature of habit thananything else. Well August saw yet another one of Cornette’s team of monsters to challenge Shawnfor the world title. Only… Read More

WWF RAW June 1996 Did we really miss the Warrior? That Austin 3.16 speech,

Wow A lot going on in the WCW. Over in the WWF things seemed a little slow sadly. It wasannounced that after the double pin at Beware of Dog Michaels and the Bulldog will go one on oneat… Read More

WCW Nitro June 1996 The Outsiders, Giant V Luger, WCW at it’s best?

The month of June would be a successful one for Nitro. It’s product was on fire thanks to the anglewith former WWF Superstar Razor Ramon now going under his real name of Scott Hall. I can not stress… Read More

WCW Nitro May- 1996 You know who I am

Nitro’s Ratings in May were getting incredibly close to those of RAW. By the end of the month WCW had found their winning formula. At the start of the month they booked Randy Savage in a more edgier… Read More

WWF RAW May 1996 The MSG Curtain Call, PPV taken off the Air in a Storm

At the very end of last month the WWF featured a segment where the British Bulldog’s wife Diana Smith accused the WWF world champion Shawn Michaels of making advances towards her. The Bulldog was a logical challenger having… Read More

WWF April 1996 Mankind debut, WWF bid farewell to Diesel and Ramon

  WWF was running hot after Wrestlemania and they got a good run to capitulate on that. This month saw the long awaited debut of Mankind who made his debut on a live episode of RAW on 4th… Read More

WCW Nitro April 1996 Parking lot Brawls, Giant takes the Gold on Episode of Nitro

    WCW Featured no PPV for April. It was a mixed month that featured some great moments. We also saw build up for Slamboree. An event which would take tag team competition and shake it up with… Read More

WWF Monday Night RAW – March 1996 Iron man Match, Hart Michaels animosity rises, It’s Wrestlemania

    The majority of the lead up to Wrestlemania was focused around the biggest match on the card and indeed the biggest match of the year. It was arguably the best match the WWF could serve up… Read More

WCW Nitro – March 1996 A Doomsday Cage Match, Hogan Booed Again

In a month where WCW were going up against WWF’s biggest PPV of the year, Wrestlemania, they devised a big complicated cage match to help win the fan war. The match was dubbed the Doomsday Cage Match. It… Read More