WCW February 1996 – Tag Team Focus, Miss Elizabeth turns heel – (literally)

  Having had no PPV event in January February featured Super brawl 6 early in the month. The event featured two cage matches. One saw Savage get his world title rematch against Ric Flair. Savage would loose the… Read More

WWF February 1996 -Wrestlemania Build Up, Warrior Return announced, Rage in the Cage

  February begins the build up to the biggest PPV of the WWF calendar Wreslemania. It also saw RAW use some pretty big matches in order to try and pull viewers back.   Early in the month RAW… Read More

WWF Janruary 1996 – Diesel flips the bird, the Rumble, Austin and Mankind Begin

    January brings the Royal Rumble. The WWF’s second biggest event of the year. January is also the time that the WWF actually acknowledge WCW as a legitimate threat on TV. In segments that in my mind… Read More

WCW Janruary 1996 An Alliance to end Hulkamania, Fans Boo Hogan, WCW Special on TV

    WCW continued the gang warfare storyline that would later make them famous. Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman joined with the Dungeon. Well sort off. There aim was to end Hulkamania (had they… Read More