WCW Monday Nitro October 1995 Hogan plays around in a Monster Truck, Flair Plays dirty and a main event heel turn

  WCW this month featured further hints as to what direction it was headed. After being attacked by the Giant at the conclusion of the Fall Brawl, Hogan appeared on Nitro on the 9th October dressed in black…. Read More

Monday Night RAW October 1995 Goldust Debuts, the Syracuse Nightclub incident, In your House and the run up to Survivor Series

  October on RAW saw challenger British Bulldog heading for Diesel’s WWF Championship. In the last RAW of September Bulldog was able to pin Diesel during a tag team match. The commentators then began to wonder if “Davey… Read More

WWF Monday Night RAW September 1995 – Two Dudes with Attitudes

  Over to Monday Night RAW which had only just started airing in the UK for us Brits. Before that we got the heavily edited WWF Mania version. September was the build up to In Your House 3… Read More

Nitro September 1995 – WCW Begins, Luger switches, Hulk Hogan against the Dungeon

    It’s September 4th 1995 and WCW opened their first ever Monday Nitro on TNT.   WCW showcased their buggest best stars starting with a high flying contest between Japanese wrestler Justin Liger and fan favourite Brian… Read More

Monday Memoirs – An Introduction

So you have chosen to read my column on wrestling’s now legendary Monday Night Wars.   Your first question would have to be what makes me qualified enough to write about the Monday Night Wars? I was not… Read More