The Wrestling Hero (Spring 3of9)

The wrestling Hero. If done correctly the biggest draw for any promotion. Take a look at the average Raw broadcast and watch John Cena battling against the odds  More on our orange / purple / red  T shirted… Read More

Morality In the Wrestling World: Are we rooting for the right side (Spring 2 of 9)

    Example A It is April 5th 2009. For wrestling fan’s the twenty fifth anniversary of Wrestlemania. Shawn Michaels makes a special entrance. Dressed in white and lowered to the ramp. The Undertaker dressed as always in… Read More

Is there a typical wrestling fan (Wrestling Analyst Spring 1of9)

  I have watched professional wrestling since I was a five year old child. My great grandad I am told was a wrestling fan, as was my grandad (world of sport preferred and later WWE/TNA). We were all… Read More

The Spaceman meets Mankind aka Mick Foley

This week I met one of my heroes. A best selling author who has written 9 books, including 4 volumes of his autobiography and 2 adult novels. A man who has starred in countless TV shows and movies…. Read More