The Pros and Costs of being a Pro Wrestling Fan in 2020

Good Evening Grapple Fans, It has been a while.. While this wrestling analyst has been away things have been changing somewhat for us wrestling fans here in the UK. One of those big changes is the end of… Read More

My Road to …. House Show… Yeah

So, still not knowing exactly what I am going to see. But knowing it’s something that looks a lot like a RAW branded Live Event house special  show. A far cry from the WWE Special that was widely… Read More

WWE Live In London: My Road to… House Show… Yeah

It is 11th March 2016. and the finale leg of my road to WrestleMania. A buddy of mine (Who this week goes under the name Dave Ings) had been unable to make the trip to Dallas. This wasn’t… Read More

RedReview: WWE Live in London speculation

So the Analyst and I saw a press release way back in March that seemed to suggest that on September 7 th 2016 the WWE would be making a UK PPV or network special in the O2 Arena,… Read More

WWE Without Sky Sports? Just Wait 30 Days

So WrestleMania is over, this leads to the post ‘Mania blues. I made a decision to stop watching WWE (except NXT) for the month after ‘Mania. My reason… The WWE Network subscription just got the added value of… Read More

My Road To WrestleMania…. Ends

Here is what it was all building towards… I would like to say I was excited the morning of WrestleMania asI was, but I was also preoccupied. The AT&T Stadium is quite a way from Dallas itself. Despite… Read More

My Road To Wrestlemania 32: WWN Mercury Rising 2016

Before I begin to review this show I need to make a confession. We didn’t stay for the full show. Not because the show was bad at all, in fact it was shaping up to be quite the… Read More

My Road to WrestleMania: Jim Ross and Friends Saturday 2nd April 4pm

The House of Blues Dallas is a very “trendy” venue.  It wasn’t like the hall’s where I saw Mick Foley’s show or Hulk Hogan’s.  A few hours before the show my brother and I walked up that end… Read More

My Road To Wrestlemania – WWE Axxess 2016 Review

Thanks to some quick computer work from a colleague at work we just managed to get axxess tickets. The session we attended was at 8am on a Saturday morning. I can’t imagine this morning session being the most… Read More

The Road to WrestleMania: Travel Advice For anyone planning a Mania trip

Wrestlemania 32 has happened. I know, I was there, there along with the 101,763 other people. Yes that numbers disputed but there wasn’t an empty seat that I could see. Anyway, this blog has always been about the… Read More