Raw 1000 (Summer 4 of 11)

    1000 episodes truly is a landmark for any TV show.   Despite what the Raw promo screens tell you there have been other programs to get past the 1000 episode mark, but most of them ran… Read More

Downloading (Wrestling Analyst Summer 3 of 11)

We have all been there space readers.   The card on this PPV could be a let down. It’s on at 1am and its £15. Here in the UK we Brit’s are usually at work on Mondays anyway…. Read More

Punk, Bryan and Ajay – PR Nightmare waiting to happen? (Wrestling Analyst Summer 2 of 11)

(WWE Downloading atricle moved to next thu)   Lets Recap Space fans because that is what Wrestling does.   Today we are going to look at the amusing love triangle between CM Punk Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee…. Read More

Is PPV Dead

  Over the next 2 weeks we are going to be looking at Wrestling PPV and Wrestling’s relationship with the internet.   Is PPV dead?   It’s the question the wrestling industry has been asking itself for a… Read More

Did Kaufman create Sports entertainment -Wrestling Analyst 9of9

  (1949-1984?) Usually no previous knowledge is needed to enjoy the Wrestling Analyst every Thursday.   This maybe a little different.   Because today we are covering Wrestling’s only ever Inter gender Wrestling Champion. Got a bit of… Read More

(Wrestling Analyst Spring 8of9)When Impact delivers Action

  Today we celebrate the number 2 Wrestling company in the US.   I am talking of course about Total Non-stop Action (TNA) Wrestling. Now it’s fair to say that there TV show Impact Wrestling does not always… Read More

Wrestlings Clowns Funk is on a Role (Wrestling Analyst Spring 7 of 9)

Wrestling is often compared to the circus. With that in mind this week we look at Wrestling’s currant crop of clowns.These wrestlers play an important role in the show. No they’re probably not the ones in the main… Read More

Wrestling TV changes at the top (Wrestling Analyst Spring 5of9)

  (the following is not the article advertised last week. the reason for my late night alterations are recent announcements regarding wrestling programming I feel we should comment on. Another reason is that there will be two blogs… Read More


Wrestling Analyst Diamond Jubilee Special

Welcome to a Jubilee special Wrestling Analyst Blog I want to take you back to a WWE show I attended this past April. It’s the new look WWE house show April 18th Sheffield England. They brought the screen!… Read More

Wrestling’s unanswered questions (Wrestling Analyst Spring 6 of 9)

It happens from time to time in Wrestling as well as on TV shows. An angle gets squashed half way or something is left unanswered. That is what we are looking at today- The questions that wrestling has… Read More