The B show in Wrestling – youngsters, squash matches and recaps (spring4of9)

Today we take a look back at the B show. Most major promotions have had a B show or even a C show. There have been few successes and many failure’s in finding that weekend recap ready audience…. Read More

The Wrestling Hero (Spring 3of9)

The wrestling Hero. If done correctly the biggest draw for any promotion. Take a look at the average Raw broadcast and watch John Cena battling against the odds  More on our orange / purple / red  T shirted… Read More

Morality In the Wrestling World: Are we rooting for the right side (Spring 2 of 9)

    Example A It is April 5th 2009. For wrestling fan’s the twenty fifth anniversary of Wrestlemania. Shawn Michaels makes a special entrance. Dressed in white and lowered to the ramp. The Undertaker dressed as always in… Read More

Is there a typical wrestling fan (Wrestling Analyst Spring 1of9)

  I have watched professional wrestling since I was a five year old child. My great grandad I am told was a wrestling fan, as was my grandad (world of sport preferred and later WWE/TNA). We were all… Read More

The Spaceman meets Mankind aka Mick Foley

This week I met one of my heroes. A best selling author who has written 9 books, including 4 volumes of his autobiography and 2 adult novels. A man who has starred in countless TV shows and movies…. Read More