Church of Kopimism

Seeing as last weeks Weekend Round Up topic was Religion (read it here if you missed it) I saw this story and I could not resist sharing it with you all.

In Sweden file sharing is now a recognised form of Religion. The Church of Kopimism (pronounced copy-me-ism) is the latest world Religion with a claimed 3,000 members. They believe that knowledge is power so it should be shared freely amongst all. They worship information in its most purest and undiluted form. Apparently…

The official website states: “The community of kopimi requires no formal membership. You just have to feel a calling to worship what is the holiest of the holiest, information and copy.

“To do this, we organise kopyactings – religious services – where the kopimists share information with each other through copying and remix.”

Which basically means they pirate the latest Lady Goo Goo for each other for religious means. Strange people.

It was third time lucky for this lot though. They had their request to be acknowledged as an official religion refused twice before previously.

Oh and a final asides… If members of the Swedish Police are looking for online pirates… Gatecrash their worships. You’ll catch them red handed!

The Truthseeker