Comics Reviews: Terminal Hero 01 and Chastity 02

TerminalHero 01

Dynamite Comics

Written by Peter Milligan

Illustrated by Piotr Kowalski

Cover by Jae Lee


Peter Milligan has long been a favourite writer of mine and I really did love his run on Hellraiser. One of the true tragedies of the New52 was that it brought his run on the title to a close as Constantine was brought back in to the main DCU.

With TerminalHero Dynamite have managed to get Milligan doing what he does best. A creepy tale full of twists and turns set here in good old England. It could almost be a tale set within the same universe as Hellraiser. We start our tale with a young Doctor who finds out that he’s a brain tumour and only a few months left to live. It’s a bleak premise at first but Milligan finds the blackest of humour in the situation.

His friend then finds out about a trial of a drug that just might help… To give any more of the plot away than that would be to rob you of the twists and turns ahead. It’s a great read this.

The only issue I’ve had is with the artwork, or rather the colours by Kelly Fitzpatrick, as they’re a bit… For want of a better word bland. Minimal colour details can be used to great effect to give a title a retro vibe but here it just feels a little rushed perhaps. It’s a shame as it does take something away from Kowalski’s art.

Overall I’m going to give this a 7/10. It would’ve been an 8 but that colouring really does destract from the issue which is a shame. Let’s just hope that this comic isn’t terminal!


Chastity 02

Dynamite Comics

Written by Marc Andreyko

Illustrated by Dave Acosta

Vampires are currently massively popular. Whether it’s Twilight or True Blood, The Strain or Buffy The Vampire Slayer the undead are the current Kings and Queens of the supernatural. So it should come as no great surprise that Vampires are at the heart of Dynamite Comics Chaos! Imprint’s new title Chastity.

Where as a lot of modern Vampire tales are doing clever twists on the supernatural, be they dayglo sparkle Twilight, or the awesome ideas behind what makes the Vampires in new TV show the strain the undead are about the freshest they’ve ever been in terms of creativity in those writing for them.

What we have here however is very much by the numbers, well if the numbers were of a B Movie from the 1970s, complete with clumsy dialogue and predictable twists.

The artwork is servicable on the main characters, and on the gore, but there are a lot of generic looking half hearted looking characters too and a lack of consistency in the presentation. For the last few panels you’d swear the girl who the story follows is now magically a bloke based solely on the art.

It’s by no means a terrible comic, or a terrible story, but it’s something I reckon is worse. It’s forgettable. Reading issues 1 and 2 I’ve no desire to know what happens next. It passed by ten minutes I was bored but it didn’t engross me at all.

For this reason I reckon it’ll be getting a 3/10 – Fangs for nothing!