ComicsCulture – Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 SPOILER FREE Review

When Guardians of the Galaxy was about to be released back in 2014 many people thought that Marvel Studios was about to have it’s first big bomb. Taking an obscure team of cosmic heroes, albeit one with a rabidly loyal but small fanbase, and translating them to the big screen with a big budget? Had Marvel lost the plot?

Then the film came out and it was widely considered by all, especially by me, to be that rare beast. The Perfect Film. A film that you can watch endlessly and always spot something new there. A film with a kick ass sound track, kick ass special effects, but most importantly? It had heart. So much heart.

So how on earth could the sequel ever live up to such a high bar? How do you better the perfect film? The obvious answer would be you don’t it’s impossible. But James Gunn, the writer and director of Guardians and Guardians2, manges to equal the first which is a feat no mere mortal should be capable of.

The film starts out with a great opening sequence utterly stolen by Baby Groot and that captures the spirit of every 80s movie ever. And from there we shoot off at a million miles an hour. The films well over the two hour mark but it doesn’t feel it.

There are cameos a plenty. Whether its of obscure comic characters that maybe one out of a hundred will recognise, the legally required Stan Lee one, and a couple of cameos that are totally brilliant. One of which I’m certain will become a MCU highlight of The Analyst.

The soundtrack, the star of the first film, shines just as brightly here. Its a rocking slice of retro goodness.

It’s a film that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear from start to finish. There are plenty of laughs throughout and some great set pieces.

What this film is about, much like the first, is family. Its a film with so much heart it’s untrue. DC need to take note as more care and love has been lavished on the in jokes in the end credits, the usually boring bit with the names scrolling along the screen, than every DC movie since 1992.

And that’s not forgetting the many, ┬ámany, end credit scenes. One of which, no spoilers, is comedy gold.

Are there flaws? Possibly if you believe some critics. You could argue that there are perhaps one too many one liners and that a few of the jokes are definitely toilet humour. But to me? Its perfect.

In terms of the sequel this is the MCUs Empire Strikes Back in terms of quality even if not tone.

Its essential viewing.