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The Logical Approach to a Justice League Film

Since Warner Brothers announced a Justice League film in 2008, rumours have been flying at us left and right. It’s been cast, cancelled, re-written and re-cancelled. But it’s only in recent months where people are really starting to talk about it becoming an actual reality with a release target for Summer 2015. But there are problems that Warner Bros will face, such as going to head to head with Marvel and casting the characters in a way that will make all of us happy. Just how can they please us?

In a very recent announcement (within this very month of March 2013), Warner Bros made Christopher Nolan (Director of the recent Batman trilogy) in charge of all DC related projects being produced. How much of this is Chinese whispers, is unknown? Also, is this a good idea? Do we want to see an Aquaman film of the future with the tone of Batman Begins? Not that I’m saying Nolan doesn’t know how to handle a character…

Moving on and assuming Nolan will be involved in all of the DC films of the future, is it safe to assume (SPOILER) Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be picking up where The Dark Knight Rises left off? But to throw a curveball at you, there are rumours that Christian Bale might consider returning as Bruce Wayne if Nolan is involved.

Of course this is all speculation. One thing we do know, is that Man of Steel will arrive in our Cinemas later this year (14th June 2013) and Nolan is a producer. Surely, it would be logical for Warner Bros to do a ‘Marvel’-esque lead up to the Justice League with Superman’s own film rather than saying; “Here’s Superman.” *2 years later* “Here’s a different Superman”.

One thing that Marvel Studios has done perfectly is maintain continuity. Particularly with actors and storylines. But what will happen if this new Justice League movie is in the Nolan Universe along with Man Of Steel and Christian Bale (or other major actor) is uninterested in returning? This is exactly the case in a recent interview with Ryan Reynolds who made it quite clear he did not want to return as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern and seems much more focused on getting an 18-rated Deadpool film to happen.

Luckily there are plenty of Lanterns to choose from (Kyle Raynor, Guy Gardner and John Stewart) so I mere mention that Hal is off in a different sector could solve Reynolds’ absence and maintain continuity. But let’s be honest, they’re going to reboot Green Lantern, especially if Nolan will be in charge.

Which members of the Justice League would feature? Superman, Batman and Green Lantern have recently graced the silver screen, so they’re recognisable for the audience. Then Wonder Woman and The Flash would have to be pretty major characters. But I’ve always thought a Flash origin story before Justice League would make more sense and probably be quite good! It’s hard to introduce a lot of characters at once, which is why The Avengers worked so well. We already knew the characters before the film (even if we hadn’t read the comics!). But of course there’s always room for a cheeky cameo from more minor DC characters.

Really, if Warner Bros took a logical approach to the DC feature films they produce, they would keep Henry Cavill as Superman and continue the Justice League film from Man of Steel. They would keep Nolan on as an advisor and producer along with Man of Steel Director, Zak Snyder. I also think don’t put Batman in there. At all. Maybe a mention the funding from ‘The Wayne Foundation’, but let’s not actually see anyone in the cowl. Use the Justice League to springboard the DC characters who haven’t had the exposure Superman and Batman get. And use continuity! Everyone loves continuity. Right?