The Return of the Doctor

All of us here at BTS are huge Doctor Who fans. And I mean huge! So I thought one of us had better break the news that many peoples favourite Doctor, THAT Doctor, Tom Baker has returned to the roll for a series of audio adventures thanks to the tireless team over at Big Finish.

The series of full cast audio dramas begin with Destination: Nerva written by voice of the Daleks and head honcho at Big Finish Nick Briggs. Not only is Tom Baker re-donning his infamous scarf Louise Jameson is also back as companion Leela so we have a full on 70s Doctor Who revival. I’ve been a huge fan of Big Finish for a good many years and I think some of the best writing in Doctor Who history has been for the audio medium so I’m very excited by this news!

Best of all the first 10 minutes are available for free! Yes! Free! No wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff involved. Just follow this here link and download it for yourself!

The end of January can not come soon enough! Pity my own personal TARDIS is disabled. Serves me right for spilling Guinness into the time vortex. Ah well…