Doctor Who Review 5: The Angels Take Manhattan


Turns out my prediction was a little right and a little wrong now doesn’t it. Well let’s be honest mostly wrong.


It was always going to come down to Amy’s choice between the Doctor and husband Rory. With the dominant theme being Amy’s choice of her husband over the doctor. In a tear jerking moment towards the end it looked like the two had chosen to die together rather than be separated.


The baddies this episode, the weeping angels are back to their “blink” best here. It was clear that these guys deliver. Part of me hopes they get used more sparingly though as they creped me out a lot in blink.


The not so good. Well there is the plot hole. I could see nothing to stop Rory travelling to somewhere other than New York and the Tardis being able to pick him up elsewhere. Also the Doctors morally questionable actions of the earlier episodes were not addressed barring one line in Amy’s afterward note.


That said we have to remember that although there is the finality here for the companions this is still a mid season finale and I believe (hope) that the morally questionable stuff from earlier in the season is readdressed there.


The closing shot of young Amelia pond waiting in her garden at the very end of the episode gave the whole thing a nice circular feel to it. So circular it makes you want to go grab the series 5 box set and re watch again.


As far as looking forward… Who knows. Well he would wouldn’t he?

Have a great Dayyyyy