East Midlands Comic Con – Nottingham Sci Fi Nerds prove why they are The Best In The World


An event.. 

Why oh Why are the Spaceman reviewing an event? 

Well mainly all of the current  Spaceman team were there actually  in person. But with so many great names at the event how were we ever going to get time to catch up properly. Well the god news is we had plenty of time. The bad news, that time was spent queuing… For approximately 3 hours!!


That sounds horrendous, unforgivable even. However I can mark this down as the most fun time I have ever had queuing. Some of this was down to the professional Cos play guys who patrolled the crowd providing a few fun sights. (The storm trooper having a go on a police cycle was one of my personnel favourites!). A lot was down to the good humour of those of us waiting. 



I have been to sport events. Even roped into the ones that are on Sky Sports. The crowds can quickly turn quite nasty and although here was a fair amount of complaining internally and on the Con’s Facebook most folks were actually quite OK and enjoyed the weather. 


That’s not that this Analyst thinks the organisers were totally blameless. There must have come a point when the overcrowding became obvious. If Facebook posts are to be believed 6500 tickets to a 900 capacity venue. A large amount of the problems however were down to the event being a victim of it’s own success!


Clearly there is a market for this kind of event in the Nottingham area. Danny John-Jules was right!

I hope these problems haven’t harmed next years. Lets hope they get it spot on next year because all the essential ingredients are there.