Forced work system. Why I think it’s wrong


Chris Grayling has announced that jobseekers between 18 and 24 will loose their benefits unless they take work experience for 30 hours a week.


Why do I think this is not right?


Step into my office


So our young jobseekers will be pushed into work in (an example given) care homes.

What about the care home actually employing people?


Jobseekers allowance is around £50 here in the UK so the young people would be getting £1.66 per hour.


I do not dispute the idea of them taking part in charity work. But surly if charity work is forced it is not really charity work is it?


I am not against young people receiving training but YOU ARE USING THEM AS CHEAP LABOUR!!

Before you catogrise me dear readers I am employed and above the age rainge Mr Grayling is victimising


Something this government seem insistent to do at a time. These young people are not all the layabout’s the papers want you to believe. Many are genuine young people who are unsure of what they want in the future but know that further education is not for them.


So no I don’t think a Victorian system of forced “work experience” for jobseekers is right.


I am the Mongoose

And that is my opinion