Freegulls Week “Hiding From Seagulls” aknowledged on Amazon Chart

It is with great pleasure I write this.

Freegulls week was a success.


Hiding from Seagulls the modern fairytale written by myself and edited by longtime Spaceman writer I3T downloaded it’s way in to the top ten free children’s action adventure books on the Amazon Kindle reaching number 7 in the UK store and hanging just outside the top 10 on the USA bookstore. 


As I write this the book has just broken the children’s action and adventure top 100 at number 90 for paid books. This is fantastic news for a simple blog writer like myself (honestly lower sets at school). It also has two reviews (the UK one looks suspiciously like my editor though!)


Still for Tommy, Madeline, Rob, Simon and the guy in a bear suit that is a heck of an achievement! 


If you have read the book you will know that the Seagull world was left open sort off.  Hiding From Seagulls ends open but the story itself is self contained. I honestly think that if you read Hiding as a stand alone story you should (hopefully) be satisfied with the ending.  I have ambitious plans for more stories and a clear idea of how I want Tommy’s story to end. I don’t want to be one of those writers that fobs you off with a very similar story and slaps the word sequel on the cover.


I am working away on the first draft for Seagulls 2, a draft that i am bound to change many, many times between now and any release the story may seem.

I want to issue a big thank you to all of you that bought and/ or downloaded Hiding from Seagulls, I hope you enjoy it. 

I will keep you guys informed on the progress of the future Seagulls.

All the best

John – The Analyst