FreeGulls Week!


As you perhaps heard on the extra Podcast for the launch of Hiding From Seagulls we are having a Freegulls week (Well four days actually). Next month from the 21st to the 24th November you can read Hiding from Seagulls free. I aimed to make the story a nice short read for fantasy lovers of all ages. In length it is around 100 kindle pages. So it’s around the same as say Wonka’s chocolate factory in length. 



Here’s the blurb.


Tommy started believing in impossible things the day he caught a bus along with a man curiously dressed as a live size teddy bear. What followed was the most bizarre journey of his life.

Join Tommy and his reluctant school friends on an adventure as they meet, elephant men, talking owls, the Man of Christmas, and many more. All whilst being chased by a Duchess who knows their deepest personnel secrets.


The book is suiatable for anyone ages 8 and up. It has a posative message overall and I think that you guys will love it!


If you can’t wait to read it and you want to make me a very happy Analyst, the book is availiable now at £0.77p or $1 for USA readers.

Listen to the launch Spacecast HERE

To visit the books Amazon Page HERE

Have a great dayyyyyy!!!! v