Great Old Gaming Gems -Tetris


This was the game that sold the gameboy. The first game to come out with it and packaged inside with it, Tetris was mind blowingly addictive and so incredibly popular that a version of the game has been created for almost every console to ever come out since its release.

The objective is simple. Create lines as the blocks drop in ever increasing speed to stop the screen filling up. Simple right? Well yeah, incredibly simple. But furiously addictive! I have spent literally hours of my life in one sitting just trying to break my record number of lines for that day and I swear, after a while at top speed your mind starts to catch up and get used to it. You get into a proper zone and its that whole feeling of the entire world crashing down on you and you’re the calm little centre of the world focusing the drops in a neat and tidy order. You become a true xen master.





This is the key of the original Tetris, something that Tetris 2 and other spin offs never really understood. You don’t need to fix something that’s not broken, Tetris is the perfect puzzle game and one that really has stood the test of time. Tetris 2 overcomplicated things and took away the gameplay while trying to do something else and other sequels or twists have just gone wrong. Don’t mistake me I know that Nintendo wants to make money out of the franchise so I can understand wanting to tweak things, change them up or “improve” them for the next game in the series but its really not needed. If there were any alternate mode that was needed for Tetris the game actually includes it. B-Type game play is in some ways better. You start with a portion of the screen filled with blocks and holes and its your job to clear them, do it on a hard enough level and you get a full orchestral reward and get to see a rocket ship (for some reason) take off. Tetris itself is easily one of the most fun games I’ve ever played and its beauty is in its simplicity.


…And its music. Seriously that stuff will get in your head. Right now I’m sitting at my keyboard playing it in my mind and wishing I had my gameboy with me.