Great Old Gaming Gems – Coming Soon – The Boardgame Gems & Fails

We here on Great Old Gaming Gems and Fails are planning something a little different over the summer. We’re leaving video games behind for a few weeks as we have a look at the decidedly low-fi world of the board game.

We all know Monopoly, Guess Who, and Hungry Hungry Hippos, but who can remember the many failed board games over the years? What about the “interactive” experiences promised by VHS based board games in the 1990s? (No really. They were a thing, Honest.

Back in the days of my youth these were often the pinnacle of multiplayer. You could have 6 players doing Monopoly! Most of my NES games couldn’t even manage two player…

I’m also hoping to have an article guest written about a true icon of geek culture – Dungeons and Dragons. A game I know many around the world love but it’s one I have, as yet, never played seriously. I played once with former writer Plasmacaster but apparently summoning the Batmobile is frowned upon. Who knew?

This series will be dedicated to those, like myself, who ended up spending many a school summer holiday playing board games because the batteries had died in my Gameboy. There are some truly bizarre ones too as it happens! We’ll also try and have a look at the history of each game. Who designed it? What were they thinking?

All that, and much more, coming up this summer on