Great Old Gaming Gems – F Zero

F Zero

With my reviews, I try and find one thing about a game that really sticks in my mind, one thing that really makes you think “Wow, this was a great game!” and F-Zero is no exception, though my choice might sound a little odd…

Speed. F-Zero is a fantastic racing game with insanely bright colours and an incredible sensation of speed. You can play the game and the pace at which you tear up the track is amazing. Sure the graphics are a little too bright and maybe a little too colourful, sure the sound at times can be off-putting (especially when you end up scratching the paintwork of your hovercraft on a particularly sharp turn) but what keeps this game so much fun is the speed.

When it comes to racing games, I’m not really a big fan and I’m sure I’ve mentioned before my lack of interest in the genre, not that they are generally bad, just that there is nothing that excites me about them. Some exceptions have cropped up though, Wipeout 2097, San Francisco Rush 2049, Metropolis Street Racer and F-Zero are my favourites. My brother was a huge fan of very realistic racing games, something where you can get into a real car that exists in the real world, race around other cars on a real track… That sounds pretty boring to me. San Francisco Rush has cars with wings, Wipeout has pure insanity and Metropolis Street Racer has Kudos that rewards you for how cool you drive. Even then though, nothing I have played has given you the sensation that if you were in this vehicle, you would be slammed back in your seat like a cartoon character in a centrifuge.

I’ve sadly never been able to play F-Zero X the sequel, however if its anything like the original I get the impression it’s a MUST.