Great Old Gaming Gems Is Back – Bringing The Bad With The Good

Great news! Great Old Gaming Gems is coming back to the site with all new retro goodness. Not only that it’s brining a spin-off… Great Old Gaming Fails.

We always like to focus on what’s good in gaming with GoGG. We like to find those epic games that aren’t as well remembered but deserve the same acclaim and recognition as the well known titles. This new series of articles, publishing fortnightly, will start next week with McDonaldland. Despite the name it’s not a cynical tie in. It is, in fact, a great platformer that was released on the NES with a few truly revolutionary ideas in there too.

However… Sometimes there is just as much fun writing about those truly awful games. Now everyone has written about ET for the Atari 2600 or Superman 64. They are easily two of the worst games of all time. However there have been literally thousands of bad games over the years so I’m delving in to my personal gaming history to have a look some of the games that have crossed my path that I’d sooner forget. These are going to start with Star Wars: Yoda Stories for the Game Boy Color. It’s a massive example of don’t trust the box art.

Gaming articles are released every Monday here on The Spaceman so check back then as we look through the good, the bad, and the downright ugly, history of those lesser known games.